Regarded as the best clothing material of Weaveinindia, this is one of the first ready-to-wear clothing brands. Not only is it fancy, but it is comfortable too.

Do you know this sub-brand called Akalico was launched in 2019?

It takes inspiration from the Pichwai artwork and originates from the state of Rajasthan. Also, the word Akalico is derived from the Pali word called akalico. Here it means timeless and is fused with Calico. This is both an ancient kind of cotton and a printing method.

Basically, all the products of the Akalico are summer-ready and they are available in the pastel palette, having few elements in them. Here one can see that the Akalico is available as jumpsuits, readymade kurta, blazer dress, bustier sets, sari, tunic, etc. These are available in multiple designs and colors like teal, Tuscan yellow, muted blues, vintage pink, etc. All these would be found in the Weaveinindia store.

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