We are curators of the hand woven. We look to revive the customary practice of hand weaving alongside experimenting with a diverse framework of textile and colour scheme. We rework antiquated olden designs to build a label that intrigues the young and old alike.
We intent at harnessing the magic of Indian artisans while exploring and innovating on hidden crafts making each piece timeless for the new age woman. We’re looking at revitalizing the endangered millennial tradition of weaving in Banares, Rajasthan, Patan & other cities of India.
WeaveinIndia celebrates the spirit of Indian weave and craftsmanship, it intends to combine the contemporary with timeless tradition.

Founder's Message

WeaveinIndia started out as an attempt at fortifying hand woven fabrics in an age of machine looms and automated artistry. We revive old designs and colour patterns alongside experimenting with weaves. Indian weave in an entirely new avatar. Enlivened and in vogue with the 21st century. All this while we ascertain the quality. Zari that we use are real, pure and of undisputed origin. Same to be said about the sari- Real silk. Embroidery worked by an artisan by the hand.
WeaveinIndia thrives in this space of overlooked nuances. We bring to you from across the country the best of weaves and craftsmanship to a better, more sensible and sustainable way of clothing.

Mandira Bansal