About Us

WeaveinIndia is the story of beautiful handwoven saris that are crafted & curated carefully to the taste of the contemporary woman.
Our collection is home to a variety of luxurious silk weaves & rare heirloom saris from various weaving clusters of India.
We also look to revive the customary practice of hand weaving while experimenting with a diverse framework of textile and colour scheme. WeaveinIndia celebrates the spirit of Indian weave and craftsmanship, it intends to combine the contemporary with timeless tradition.

Explore the world of crafted luxury!


Founder's Message

 The craft for me is as close to my heart as the livelihood of the people behind it. With a Bachelor's in fashion design from NIFT and a Fashion management degree from London School of Fashion, I had my fair measure of being consumed by international vogue.
It was in the middle of 2016 that I'd discovered the craft of handloom and realized that India had its own stories to tell the world. And that's when WeaveinIndia began to take shape in my mind. I did extensive research on the craft and morale behind it. I found it inspiring and enkindling; six months later, WeaveinIndia was born.
It's been two years now, and has already proved to be a learning curve even as a designer of 15 years of experience in the industry. Our efforts to bring handloom into the wardrobe of the everyday man and woman has been met with their fascination for the craft.
It's safe to say that as a connoisseur of handloom, WeaveinIndia is at a gratifying point where the craft has admirers from the young and old alike."

Mandira Bansal