Kanjivaram Silk

One of the most famous and brand names in the Indian saree market is the Kanjivaram silk saree. For many years, it has a unique name in the Indian textile tradition. The Kanjivaram silk saree is made in the ancient city of Kanchipuram located in Tamil Nadu, India. This saree is worn as a bridal and occasion wear by various women throughout all parts of India, especially in Southern India.

The saree or any outfit that is designed using this woven fabric is best for all kinds of important events, occasions, and many events like weddings, haldi, sangeet, etc. Here the classic weave created by us would be a thick material that is tinged with gold or silver border and motifs throughout the saree body.

Types Of Kanjivaram Sarees We Design

There are various Kanjivaram silk sarees at your disposal, but you need to choose the best one based on the upcoming occasions that you are going to attend.

• Plain Kanjivaram Saree With Gold Border: Even though the saree looks elegant and simple, still the presence of the golden border gives it a rich look. Wear it for the upcoming engagement or wedding ceremonies of your friends and relatives.

• Modern Kanjivaram Weaves Saree: This saree is designed in newer colors and made of contemporary designs. Also, the motifs would have beautiful borders, and such sarees are the common and popular choices of new-age brides.

• Temple Border Kanjivaram Saree: As the name suggests, this has a zigzag temple border. Along with that, there is a chevron-styled peak’s design. These particular designs make it called a temple and even stand out among other Kanjivaram sarees online. No doubt, these would be the perfect attire for any anniversary party, including yours.

• Traditional Kanjivaram Saree: The chakra, coin, and checked motifs can be and even called the symbolically traditional Kanjivaram saree. Among the various types, this is the richest and costliest one. You can wear this as a perfect festival, wedding, pooja, and bridal event. Such a traditional saree is a beautiful drape that suits all age groups.


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Tuscan Sun Yellow Kanjivaram Silk Saree


Royal Blue Kanjivaram Silk Saree


Crimson Red and Green Kanjivaram Muhuratham Silk Saree