'Mira-Kari'- Winter/Festive Pret Collection '18

Want to hear good news? Weaveinindia is out with the latest Winter-Festival collection called as Mira-Kari. Under the somber and dull skies of the cold winter season, comes the best and elegant piece of styles, making the winter season special.

Mira Kari is one of the finest winter collections. It is a blend of the nature’s magic and is creatively woven for the women of tomorrow. The word ‘Mira’ means wonderful or wonder and the ‘kari’ mean workmanship or karigari.

Keeping in mind of the medley of the most creative and rich craftsmanship through the subtle and muted fabric, this one would make you feel spellbound. The collection was made keeping in mind of the today’s trendy and millennial women.

This winter collection has the base that is nothing but an eco-friendly bamboo textile. This would be digitally printed using the season’s most elegant designs like of falling leaves, doves, and withering flowers. All these would be on the best and choicest fabric like chiffons, Habutai Bandhini, and pure silk.

Here the collection is a mixture of hand-worked embroidery and art. For example, the Lucknowi Chikankari is a great collection that extends to the best regal and royalty. Some of the other ones are the Badla and Goota Pathi which are the most celebrated hand-worked arts of this collection.

Here the Mira-kari displays the tough work of the in-house design team and would show off each and every detail of the embroidery and the in-print. These would be conceptualized and abstracted along with the multiple designs of Weaveinindia.

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