Zari or Jari is thread traditionally made of gold or silver used in Indian and Pakistani garments to add an unmatched grandeur to ethnic garments. This thread is woven into fabrics, primarily made of silk to create intricate patterns. It is believed this tradition started during the Mughal era in Surat, being linked to the Haj pilgrims and Indians was a major factor for introducing this craft in India. During the Vedic ages, zari was associated with the grand attired of Gods, kings and literary figures. Today, in most fabrics, zari is not made of real gold and silver but has cotton or polyester yarn at its core, wrapped by golden/silver metallic yarn. 

An exquisite, unmissable part of the saris of India; that has evolved from a symbol of aristocracy- through an aesthetic embellishment, into an identity for Indian ethnic garments since historic times till today.

As a brand we wish to cater to sari lovers of all kinds, so we have categorised our pieces into three types of zaris:
The Regular Zari - A basic quality of Zari for simpler occasions.
The Pure Zari - higher quality of Zari than regular, as the name signifies, it is a purer form of making the zari.
And our most exquisite Real Zari - which is certified to be the highest quality with usage of real gold/silver sari threads as it was in the olden days, lending to the high price.

Weaving tales of tradition to please the contemporary woman, we at Weaveinindia give you - THE REAL ZARI LEGACY.

We exhibit Banarasi saris and dupattas, Paithani and classic kanjivarams in pure silver and pure gold zari a perfect piece for any select occasion.

Handwoven Beige Kanjivaram Silk Sari - WIISHNIKARIDNAM0061- Cover ViewHandwoven Beige Kanjivaram Silk Sari - WIISHNIKARIDNAM0061
This Beige kanjivaram silk sari is perfect for the lady who wants to combine subtle with richness and...
Handwoven Crimson Red and Green Kanjivaram Muhuratham Silk Sari - WIIARIDNAM078 - Cover ViewHandwoven Crimson Red and Green Kanjivaram Muhuratham Silk Sari  - WIIARIDNAM078
This Crimson red and green dual tone Kanchipuram Muhuratham Silk sari with windowpane checks. The timeless elegance of...
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