At WeaveinIndia, you get each unique and collection of handpainted dupattas of the Madhubandi collection. These are made from chanderi cotton, silk, etc.

Do you know that the Madhubani painting or the so-called Mithila painting is a great style of Indian painting that is followed in the Mithila region of Bihar? Historical findings state that the Madhubani painting tradition began when the Raja Janak of India informed the local artists to paint murals in his palace. This was done in preparation for the marriage of his daughter Sita to Lord Ram.

The Madhubani painting is done using twigs, fingers, nib-pens, brushes, and matchsticks. Natural dyes are used and even naturalized pigments help to make the art more catching. Also, it is characterized by patterns of eye-catching geometrical shapes. Surprisingly, the women painters of Mithila lived in a closed society.

Exuberant & Stylish Designer Madhubani Dupattas

At WeaveinIndia, we provide elegant styles and beauty to the whole look of what the wearer wants. Our Madhubani dupattas collection has an alluring pattern, excellent finishing standards, soft texture, and captivating designs.

Each of the dupattas is weaved using approved methods with silk threads. These are then embellished using quality fabric colors with the usage of advanced printing equipment bringing an exceptional appeal.

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ITRH Light Green Madhubani Dupatta


ITRH Light Green Madhubani Dupatta