Linen Sari, Eco friendly sari, Saree



The word Linen originated from West Germany and comes from the Latin name of the flax plant called Linum.

In English, the linen or flax thread helps in creating the straight line on fabrics. This is considered the oldest textile in the world. Also, it is called as the flax fabric. The linen textile is used for making all kinds of home-used clothes like bags, aprons, undergarments, towels, tablecloths, etc. During the olden ages, it was even used for making coins.

Do you know that Linen is made from the flax plant? The flax is created from the natural fiber. Most of the time, Linen is manufactured on a large scale in Western Europe. You can find the best and natural flax plants growing among the Cava present in France and Amsterdam located in Holland. Furthermore, the growth cycle of the linen would take place around 100 days starting from harvesting in June to sewing in March.

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