Being an ancient art form, Kalamkari is a beautiful handpainted fabric. The word Kalam means pen and Kari means art, so the name Kalamkari is of Persian origin. This is an ancient art form that is practiced in various parts of Masulipattinam and Srikalasthi in Andhra Pradesh.

This is an art of hand-painting that uses organic dyes and colors. Here the artisans of the Masulipattinam use the block-based print form but the artisans of the Srikalahasthi are famous for their freehand drawing that uses pen and painting pictures from Hindu mythology.

At WeaveinIndia, we follow the supreme Srikalasthi type of weaving where organic dyes are used for painting hand-drawn patterns. Not only that, we work with some of the best artisans that have got their skills from their forefathers. Many of these artists are winners of prestigious awards.

We provide the Panjavaram Kalamkari silk-based saris that are fully hand-drawn and even hand-painted using the organic dyes on purest silk media. These can range from Chanderi, Chennuri, and Tussar Silks.

Here the manufacture and design of the traditional Kalamari saris contain an intricate procedure. So, go ahead and check out some of the traditional ones that we have at our online store.

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