The brainchild of celebrity stylist Mohit Rai and designer Ridhi Bansal, the ITRH was created from the passion to have a designer brand that displays the authentic regalia and culture of our diverse country.

Each of the looks and collections of the ITRH suits is made of sheer passion and tries to re-imagine the heirloom treasures of the contemporary soul. We at WeaveinIndia use the ITRH textile craft to reassess the bygone legacies.

Each of the designer suits is crafted with perfection and ensures the ethnic look that adds sparkle to your attire. By collaborating with the ITRH brand, WeaveinIndia tries to bring the focus on Indian craft and textile.

Each piece is handcrafted and dyed using love and precision. Most importantly, we bring in uniqueness in each of the ITRH suits as each of the two pieces won’t be the same and they can’t be recreated in the exact same manner. The basic inconsistencies present in the hand-dyed, hand-painted, and hand-embroidered pieces are what make the ITRH suits special. Plus it is the part and parcel of working with gifted and experienced artisans, that we like to cherish.

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