Duet Luxury

Duet Luxury

Duet-Luxury is a luxurious brand that aims to bring contemporary and original style along with offering something brand new to society. At WeaveinIndia, we aim to allow online users to experience the design and brand uniqueness of Duet-Luxury.

The Duet-Luxury brand uses materials like metals, wood, embroideries for making artistic designer-wearable. They are famous for transforming regional craft into wearable art and stand for bringing innovation to the fashion industry.

Duet-Luxury’s forte has always been mixed material. They work with talented artisans that transient through mediums for reimagining the craftsmanship of leather, wood, metal, and embroideries.

At WeaveinIndia, we help you advertise the dream-like interpretation of designing fanciful bags, belts, etc of the Duet-Luxury. Also, you can come across many of the stylish items of Duet-Luxury from our online site like embroidery bags, wooden bags, leather bags, straps, belts, etc.

Being a different branding and supplier of accessories, Duet-Luxury aims the charm of handcrafted and bespoke accessories. It does this by combining exotic wood with leather and other luxurious embellishments.

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