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Chikankari Sarees

Chikankari Sarees

The traditional Chikankari sari dates back to around 400-500 years. During the Mughal era, this clothing brand and sari flew high and rose in popularity. The favorite consort of Jahangir, Noor Jahan was a great fan of this artwork and used to wear attires made of the Chikankari. She held the artwork and dresses of the Chikankari in high esteem. That is why the Chikankari saris and dresses flourished greatly during the Jahangir’s rule.

Elegant Artwork Of The Chikankari Saris

At WeaveinIndia, the whole gamut of the Chikankari work especially saris comprises of thirty-six unique stitches. Here among the whole thirty-six stitches, the major ones are Muri, Jaali, Tepchi, Hool, Bakhia, Phanda, Zanzeeras, Khatua, Rahet, Keel Kangan, etc. Now, these awesome stitching styles are commonly seen and form an integral part of the Chikankari artwork, which is woven over the sari.

The commonly available motifs present on the Chikankari saris are the floral ones. Here flowers of many sizes are embroidered on this sari and are accompanied by leaves, branches, and other major motifs. These make the artwork look exquisite.

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